SCNPS Plant Sale questions from Brandon in SC

I bought several plants from your upstate native plant sale last year, unfortunately the plant tags have disappeared. I was hoping you could help identify several of the plants we have.

Hi Brandon,

the first plant is Agastache x ‘Kudos Mandarin’, a popular new garden plant.  It is very similar to Anisacanthus in a different plant family. The second is Liatris spicata, blazing star. I’m not sure of the third one – I need to see the leaves and the whole plant – it looks a little like a Hypericum, but probably is not. The fourth is a blue Salvia, probably Salvia guaranitica.  There are a few other Salvias that are very similar, so I am not 100 % sure. I wasn’t involved with the plant sale, so I am not sure of some of these.  Perhaps other members can comment?


Steve Hill, Ph.D., Botanist, SCNPS

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