Robinia pseudoacacia ? from Daniel, NC

Taken in Weaverville, NC on July 31st. Residential lot, on a slope between two properties. Photo taken next to 6′ high fence. High sun area. Haven’t observed any flowers or blooming. (Have only lived here since May). Leaves and branches seemed to be less dense earlier in spring, and filled out quickly during summer. Many new “saplings” seem to pop up quickly around it. Not sure if it’s invasive or if it’s likely to take over that part of my yard if left uncontrolled. How big can it get? Thank you.

Hi Daniel,

this should be easy, but it really isn’t to me.  It looks most like a black locust, Robinia pseudoacacia, but there are others with similar leaves. Black locust has white flowers, some close relatives have pink flowers.  They can proliferate and send up stems around the main tree. Black locust usually has paired thorns at the bases of the leaves.  You might check that. I cannot be certain which it is until flowers appear. It is a native tree, but because of the many sprouts some might consider it to be invasive. Others like it because it has a durable wood and the roots fix nitrogen in the soil.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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