Rhus copallina from Ellen, South Carolina

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I have a plant growing along the wood line in my yard that I am trying to identify. It appears to have small dried up berries on it in a cluster formation that hang down. It is May here right now. There are no flowers on it. It grows mostly in a tree shape, with a single truck from the ground. I have goats that are trying to eat the plant, but I have been told it is poisonous to goats. I want to confirm the type of plant it is in order to confirm if it is indeed poisonous to goats.



Hi Ellen,

your shrub is Rhus copallina, the winged sumac. This is not a poisonous sumac.  I’m sure the internet will give you more information.  This is a common native shrub.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS


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