Raphanus raphanistrum from Diane P., SC

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Hi, Dr. Hill,
This plant was photographed on 6 Nov., growing in the fall line, sandy-clay (mostly clay) soil, mostly sunny, near a peach orchard on a busy road just outside town limits. There were only two of them, growing in a large patch of native poinsettia.
Thanks very much!

Hi Diane,

this is a rather common weedy species called Raphanus raphanistrum, the wild radish. It has two different forms, a yellow-flowered form and a white flowered form, but they are not given separate names. They are often scattered from birdseed, but are also found in agricultural fields. They are easily distinguished from most weedy Brassica species by the rough hairy stems and leaves.  Smell the root – it should smell just like a radish. The fruits are also very distinctive, but your plant is too young to show them.


Dr. Steven R. Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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