Ranunculus muricatus from TL in SC

growing on John’s Island, SC in area allowed to grow naturally (ie on a farm). Blooming now, April 9p, genus Ranunculus.

Hi TL,

this is a buttercup. It appears to be a very good match with Ranunculus muricatus, the spinyfruit buttercup. The spiny fruits are distinctive. This species was thought to be very uncommon here, though it is an introduced weed. Maybe it has increased in recent years.  The only other buttercups with spiny fruits include Ranunculus parviflorus which is very common but a smaller plant, Ranunculus arvensis, which has spines on the fruit/seed margins as well as the faces, and Ranunculus sardous which has much less prominent spines. Your photo was excellent!



Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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