Ramona in SC

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Multiples of this plant showed up in a sun perennial bed near the road. It seems to love the heat and dryness. The first photo shows it in front of a Crinum lily with some baby sage behind.
I do not remember planting anything like it. Is it considered an invasive?
The pictures were taken September 3, 2016.

Hi Ramona,

your plant is Croton capitatus, called variously Woolly Croton, Hogwort, or Doveweed.  It is a native plant that sometimes becomes weedy, but is normally not considered to be invasive.  It is especially common in Texas, but is widespread in warmer areas. There is more information and some additional pictures here:    http://www.missouriplants.com/Whitealt/Croton_capitatus_page.html


Steve Hill, Botanist SCNPS

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