question on wild herbs and wild foods from Katie, South Carolina

Hi Dr. Hill!

I am looking into getting into foraging. Can you/do you lead day trips on edible plant identification? Plants used medicinally and edible? I have been studying herbalogy, nutrition on my own for about two years (actually got my PhD in economics from Clemson University last year) but I have no knowledge of botany or plant id.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Katie,  I’d love to – but I am currently living in Illinois – !  However, I will be leading a trip on April 20th to see wildflowers on the Foothills Trail just below Whitewater Falls in NC/SC.  I can always point out the edibles and herbs if someone asks…  I will be in the area the week before as well in Oconee County.

My personal email is in case you have other questions along this line.



Steve Hill SCNPS


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