Pyrus calleryana from Merrily

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Not sure if shrub or tree. Shiny green leaves, slightly curvy. Look like they might be evergreen. There are groups of them growing along my back property line out in the open where they receive sun all day. Don’t know if they are native or if one was planted and then they spread? Pretty enough to be used as a hedge or for privacy but may be invasive as the seem to have multiplied. The 4′ yellow pole shows their height now. Don’t know how much taller they will get.


Hi Merrily,

this will grow into a small tree – it is a Bradford pear, or its wild form, Pyrus calleryana.  The fruits are small and not worth eating. It is fast becoming an invasive species, not native.


Dr. Steven R. Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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