Probable Sesbania vesicaria from Amanda Kiel, North Carolina

I see this dried plant on the sides of the road and I did collect some pods of seeds. They stand @5 ft tall and 3-4ft wide often in clumps. Not a clue what this plant is called.

Hi Amanda,

Without a closeup of the pods, I cannot be certain, but it is one of two species.  It could be Bladderpod, Glottidium vesicarium. This is an annual plant that has 2-seeded pods. It is also known as Sesbania vesicaria.  See:

Less likely, it could be Sesbania punicea, the rattlebox, but this is a shrub, and is also known as Daubentonia punicea. Its pods are 4-winged and many seeded.   It is probably the bladderpod based on what I can see.

Both are common in moist ditches at roadsides and both are beans (Fabaceae), legumes, but not at all edible.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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