Prenanthes sp. from Mitzi in SC

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Discovered along the roadside last fall in Chester County, SC, while investigating an area with blooming Solidago erecta and Pityopsis graminifolia. West facing location, but shaded by pines on both sides of roadway. North-south railroad track just beyond the line of pine trees. Noticed single plant with downward facing cream-colored blossoms and long stamens – unfamiliar to me. Note size compared to thumb included in image #2. Perhaps a migrant from some other area transported by train movement?

Hi Mitzi,

this is one of the Rattlesnake roots, a Prenanthes, now often called Nabalus. I’m not sure which species, but several are natives here. One of the possibilities is Prenanthes altissima.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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