Possible Paulownia seedling? from Virginia in SC

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I found this growing in the yard, and dug it up and potted it until I could get an ID. I was worried that it might be Creeping Charlie, but the leaf doesn’t quite look like photos online. Can you ID a plant this young, or should I wait, and try again? If it’s a bad ‘un, I’d like to get rid of it sooner rather than later.

Thanks for your help,
Virginia in Charleston

Hi Virginia,

yes, this is a hard one at this stage.  It is not creeping Charlie (Glechoma). However, it could be in the mint family, though it is too young to tell.  Another possibility is even Paulownia tomentosa, the empress tree.  See this page: http://www.gardenworldimages.com/Details.aspx?ID=93&TypeID=1

You will probably need to let it grow bigger and re-submit.


Steve Hill, Ph.D., Botanist, SCNPS

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