Pluchea camphorata from Virginia in SC

This roadside plant was blooming in early November of 2012 in the Charleston area near both woods and marshland. Is it some sort of Pluchea?

If you recognize the low-growing plant surrounding with yellowish flowers or bracts, that would be a nice lagniappe. My best guess is a Milkwort (Polygala sp.), but could be way off-target.


Hi Virginia,

you are correct – the pink flowered plant is a Pluchea, namely, Pluchea camphorata, Camphorweed.  A related species is Pluchea purpurascens from the brackish marshes of the outer coastal plain. The only yellow flowered plant I see in your picture with the narrow grass-like leaves is Euthamia caroliniana, one of the grass-leaved goldenrods.


Dr, Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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