Pepper vine? from Gary in SC

Sorry for having only one image. The plant in question has the reddish green leaves, not the morning glory. I took the picture along the Timmerman Trail in Cayce, SC, which wraps around a portion of Congaree Creek, which indicates a wetland habitat. The plant was in shade at the time of the picture, but must get some sunlight if the morning glory is an indication. Thanks for your help!


this is not too easy because of lack of context, and more of the plant is really needed.  However, my best guess is that this is Ampelopsis arborea, with an Ipomoea twined into it. It didn’t match Aralia spinosa very well which is somewhat similar. The Ampelopsis should also be a vine, but I cannot really determine this from the picture.


Steve Hill, Botanist, SCNPS.

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