Penthorum sedoides from Diane P., SC

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Hi, Dr. Hill, (I’m resending this because I got an error message.)
This is another pond plant from the Fall Line in full sun, photographed on 10 August.
The stem where the flowers are attached is visibly fuzzy, but downward on the main stem of the plant, located on slightly raised vertical ridges are occasional hairs. The leaves are serrated and there is a light rosy color where each leaf stem emerges from the main plant. The entire plant is about 14 inches tall.


Hi Diane,

this is an interesting native plant called Penthorum sedoides.  It has been put into two different families in the past – both the Saxifragaceae and Crassulaceae.  I can’t remember which one it ended up in!   It is found in wet soil.  Beautiful pictures!  It made it easy to identify. Thanks for submitting it.


Dr. Steven R. Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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