Oak seedling from Michael in SC

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Growing up through an azalea in an area that was previously wooded. Area was cleared for a subdivision and azalea was planted when the neighborhood was developed. Trying to determine if it is an oak worth saving. Located in North Charleston.



oaks are notoriously difficult to identify when they are seedlings because the leaves often change shape a bit as they get older.  One can certainly say that your oak is a member of the red oak group which has tiny bristle tips on its lobes.  However, I am not able to give you a 100 % accurate ID – perhaps some others reading this can help.  Some of the possibilities in your area include Turkey Oak [Quercus ilicifolia], or Black oak [Quercus velutina] – whose leaves look quite different in the adult trees.  As far as its worth, only you can decide.  It is not an uncommon oak, but most any oak makes a fine tree.  These seedlings are likely to come up anywhere there are adult trees in the vicinity.

Steve Hill [Ph.D.] SCNPS

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