mystery shrub from robby in sc

I have a few of these growing in an area that SCE&G just cleared for me.

no flowers yet, dont know if its evergreen or if color changes

Wanted to know what it is so we can decide if it will be a nice plant to leave in the area just cleared.


I’m not sure about this one.  It looks like one of the honeysuckles [Lonicera] such as Lonicera maackii, but it also looks like Leycesteria a little bit.  Still another possibility is some kind of privet, Ligustrum.  I’d wait until it comes into flower before eliminating it, and then send an image of the flowers.  Honeysuckles and privets can be invasive, but we should wait to see what it really is before eliminating it.


Steve Hill, botanist, SCNPS

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