Mystery plant from Peg in South Carolina

Tall, very large green leaves. Planted (I suspect) by accident from seeds in the mulch added in the spring?. Plants are about 4 feet tall. Stems are about l/2″ in diameter. I did not plant them. They appeared over the summer when I was not in my residence. They are just in from a property line in my ‘fence’ of azaleas between ours and our next door neighbor. His watering system keeps my azaleas alive all summer while I’m away. Obviously, kept these new plants alive and doing well also.


Hi Peg,

well I’m not sure!  the leaves look so much like young tung oil trees – Aleurites – but they are opposite, and Aleurites has alternate leaves.  My best guess right now is Catalpa – because they do not look as fuzzy as most Paulownia do – an alternate choice.  I’d let them grow and see what happens!  They look like sapling trees – and fast growing.  I’d be happy to have other opinions!  I suppose they may even be a Clerodendron?

Sincerely,   Steve Hill SCNPS


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