Murdannia nudiflora from Debbie Murrells Inlet SC

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We have this ‘weed’ that started to show up in our lawn this year. What is it, and how do we control/get rid of it.

Hi Debbie,

I do not know much about this plant, I may not have seen it. It appears to be Murdannia nudiflora, called by some Doveweed. There is more information at this site:  Apparently it is difficult to control.  It appears to be spreading in recent years. It is in the Dayflower family, Commelinaceae, which is not usually considered to have many pests, but this one seems to be a new one. It is native to Asia. It is possible that this is only recently introduced to South Carolina from North Carolina where it is more common.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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