A mite-y Prunus serotina from Cecelia, South Carolina

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Dear Dr. Hill:
I found this on my home property in Greenville County, SC, near Paris Mtn State Park, in a natural wooded area with mixed hardwoods and pine. The little ‘wormy’ things growing out of the leaves are about 1/2″, some a little longer. The plant is about 6 feet tall, and it could be a young small tree, but does appear to be more shrubby in appearance. I hope you can help me with this. Thank you.

Hi Cecelia,

this actually is a young tree, Prunus serotina, wild black cherry, and the leaves have insect galls on them caused by a tiny mite. This is very common on this plant. Here is a site that shows more.



Steven Hill, Ph.D., Botanist, SCNPS

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