Miscellaneous from michael in alabama

Here a Few plants i took pics of here in alabama, and i am a newbie when it comes Identification, but maybe you could tell me the names of these names?


I’m not sure what your primary photo plant is – it is a member of the Asteraceae, but at this immature stage it could be an Erigeron [fleabane] or one of the weeds such as Hypochoeris. Send other images when it is in flower and I’ll try again.

plant 1 is a Hosta cultivar.  Very common garden plant.

plant 22 is Ranunculus abortivus – native, but often grows with weeds.

plant 3 is either a wild lettuce (Lactuca) or sow thistle (Sonchus) – both weedy.

— Dr. Steven R. Hill   SCNPS


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