Ludwigia leptocarpa from Diane P, SC

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Dr. Hill,
Another yellow flower growing in full sun, beside a pond in rural Fall Line region. Five petals, hairs on the stems, drooping buds…pictures of all of these are attached. They are approximately 2 feet tall. Thank you for your time; you’re a valued source of information for all of us!

Hi Diane,

thank you for the compliment! I am glad I can help.

This matches Ludwigia leptocarpa rather well, and I base that somewhat on the hairs on the stems and the height.  It is closely related to Ludwigia uruguayensis = Ludwigia grandiflora which is much less common. This is another member of the Onagraceae, and petal number on this species can vary a bit – sometimes with 4, 5, or more petals.


Steve Hill, Ph.D., Botanist, SCNPS

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