Krigia virginica from Mary, SC

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What is this flower that mimics a dandelion, similar to its size as well, that grows in dry, sandy soil?

Hi Mary,

I would call this, based on the images you sent, the dandelion relative Krigia virginica.  This small plant is native and is an annual.  It does not become weedy normally but it will grow in sunny disturbed places.  There are a few relatives here also, Krigia oppositifolia, and Krigia dandelion for example.  I would need to examine the fruits under a lens to be sure it is K. virginica but I think it is.  This image makes it look quite large but the other images you sent make it look more typical. If it were Krigia dandelion there would be a small tuber at the end of the root if you were to dig up the entire plant. The others do not have the tiny tuber.


Dr. Steven Hill

Botanist, SCNPS

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