Juncus dichotomus? from Virginia in Charleston

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Growing in Charleston throughout our neighborhood, and in our backyard. Looks like a rush, maybe?

Hi Virginia,

yes, your plant is certainly a rush, genus Juncus.  It gets harder beyond that – as these are best identified in hand because the bracts under the sepals are difficult to see in any photograph, and yours are very good.  Everything considered, I think that your rush would fit into Juncus dichotomus, in the broad sense.  Using keys it could key to Juncus platyphyllus, but this is now considered to be a synonym.  The first picture you sent , the one displayed here, was immature.  The other images you sent helped as they were more mature. I don’t know how to select for display one of the other images.


Steve Hill, Ph.D. Botanist, SCNPS

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