A Hoya cutting from Omar in Cairo, Egypt

i inherited a plant from my great grand father who gave it to my father and my father gave it to me, only my father before giving me the plant for some reason he took the plant out of its roots and told me to put it in water to reproduce roots, anytway i know this is not going to work but the problem is that this plant is very dear to me and i think it might not survive, so could you kindly tell me the name of the plant and where can i find some of its seeds if found

thanks in advance
Omar Heiba

Hi Omar,

this appears to be a Hoya, a very popular succulent plant in cultivation.  Many are grown in hanging baskets because they can get viny.  I am not an expert on Hoya at all, so I cannot be sure of the species.  Hoya carnosa,هويا اللحمي الشكل , is the one most commonly grown, and this could be that plant.  It is a plant in the milkweed family, Asclepiadaceae.  Most people grow these plants from cuttings of the stems with a few leaves – I have not heard of it being grown from seed. Putting a cutting in water to grow roots will probably work well – only the bottom of the stem should be in water, a few centimeters, not the leaves, and do not let it dry out. We would keep this cutting on a windowsill in a glass or cup, not in the hot sun, until the roots form, then plant it in soil.

I hope that this helps.


Dr. Steven R. Hill, Botanist, SCNPS


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