Hornbeam from Helen, from Louisiana

This plant was growing in a pot with another plant that I purchased at a nursery here in LA. It has a red tinge to some of the leaves so I decided to plant it in my back yard. It survived the winter. Although not cold by some standards…this was the coldest weather we’ve had in years. It seems like it may be developing into a tree. It is presently about 2.5ft tall. I wish I had more info to share with you.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Helen,

while there are a few other possibilities, I think that this is Ostrya virginiana, the Hop hornbeam tree.  It is a desirable native tree, not too big, not too small, no flowers, but great for shade and also grows well IN shade.  It has some resemblance to related plants such as Carpinus [Musclewood; Ironwood] and Ostrya [hazelnut] but I am more certain it is Ostrya.


Dr. Steven R. Hill, Botanist, SCNPS


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