A hellebore from Greg in NC

My old friend Dr. Don Kellam (rhododendron Don Kellam) had told me in 1987 that this plant was taken from a location in SC that there was a dam being built. The wild life guys said that it would not survive in Charlotte. Since then he has passed away. Here is the photo



this image is of the leaf of a non-native plant called a hellebore, genus Helleborus, probably Helleborus orientalis.  It rarely escapes from gardens. In the upper left of your image is a leaf of Virginia creeper and two very young mayapples.  Your comments about the plant probably do not refer to this particular image, and maybe the original plant in question is no longer in your garden.  Here is another image of this to compare: http://www.aphotoflora.com/images/ranunculaceae/helleborus_orientalis_lenten_rose_leaf_23-02-07.jpg


Dr. Steven R. Hill, Botanist, SCNPS


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