Helen’s peppervine in Louisiana

This is a plant growing in St Fransiville, LA. The plant looks like a vine. I am sorry about the quality of the picture. I took the picture while walking in the woods shortly after hurricane Issac travel through the area. If the quality of the picture prevents its identification….I understand.


Hi Helen,

your plant is called peppervine, Ampelopsis arborea.  It is a relative of the grape, in the family Vitaceae.

Here is some great information about it:  http://www.duke.edu/~cwcook/trees/amar5.html

Some sources say it is edible, but in moderation.  Concerning this, I suggest that you follow the advice on this page:  http://www.foragingtexas.com/2008/09/peppervine.html

Peppervine is often grown as an ornamental, but it is native to a large area of the southeast.  I hope this helps.


Steve Hill, SCNPS




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