Hanging basket weeds from Wyman, South Carolina

These are last year’s hanging baskets. Whatever is in them must have been planted by the birds of squirrels. I have several of the one labeled ‘Plant 1’, one of which is four feet tall. Plant 1A is a top view of the same kind of plant as Plant 1. Plant 2 is the largest of several smaller volunteers. I’m in Columbia, SC.

Hi Wyman,

the first plant is a common annual weed called fireweed, Erechtites hieracifolia.  The second is a very young woody plant, most likely the laurel cherry, Prunus laurocerasus.  Some young Photinias may look like this also, so I cannot be 100% certain on number 2.  Both are cultivated.


Dr. Steven R. Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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