Gamochaeta purpurea from Vickey in South Carolina

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This little plant has fuzzy blue-green leaves. I see it in different spots all over my yard – front and back. I have searched every plant website I could find on the web and have had no luck. I’ve really been trying to identify it for years. My yard is mainly sandy soil and stays mostly dry. The first picture has a fire ant on the plant in the upper left hand corner so you can see the approximate size. The other photos may help aid in identification. I find it at about six inches all the way up to two feet tall. I have two more plants I need to identify after this one. Will submit those tomorrow and the next day. Would appreciate your help with this! I like to know what’s growing around me and learning about it.

Hi Vickey,

your plant is called cudweed, Gamochaeta purpurea, formerly called Gnaphalium purpureum. It is a very widespread plant in open areas.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS


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