Galium bermudense from Vickey, South Carolina

Hi Dr. Hill!

I’ve found another tiny little plant I can’t identify and hope you can. I’m in east Richland County. It’s a very small vine-like plant growing up the lattice work for the deck. Leaves are reddish with shiny tiny black berries. I believe the leaves were green during the summer and I can’t remember seeing any blooms, but I’m sure it did. Shot today, 2-24-21.

Thank you!

Hi Vickey,

beautiful photos! This is an interesting native plant called Galium bermudense, formerly called Galium hispidulum, the coastal bedstraw.  The flowers are tiny, white, and have 4 petals. It is in the Rubiaceae, the Coffee Family. You can find out much more about it here:


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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