An evening primrose from Ken in SC

This is growing in a field that has been mowed for hay for several years. It is now part of a new park and starting this year will no longer be mowed, but rather maintained as a meadow. We are 16 miles from the coast, and the plants is less than thirty yards from a tidal ditch.
It appears to be a primrose (Hairy Primrose), but is different than any photos I have found. The leaves are deeply cut, the sepals bend downward abruptly and appear to be tube shaped at the end. Very hairy!


your plant appears to be Oenothera laciniata.  I sent a copy of the image to Dr. Peter Raven, an expert on the Onagraceae, and he agrees that it is probably that species.  I am not yet 100 % sure because of those appendages at the end of the sepals, so I am also asking a few other botanists about it.  Dr. Raven said that it is extremely variable, however, and he knows these plants a lot better than I do!  If I get a different opinion, I’ll let you know by updating this message.


Dr. Steven R. Hill, Botanist, SCNPS.

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