Erigeron strigosus? from Mary, SC

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Are these related to the daisy grown in dry, sandy soil?

Hi Mary,

based on your images, the best match appears to be Boltonia diffusa, the smallhead doll’s daisy, a relative of the common daisy, but not too close. I did have the impression that it also could be a robust individual of the prairie fleabane, Erigeron strigosus.  The Erigeron does flower now, and the Boltonia flowers in late summer, so I’m not certain which it is.  You will see from internet searches how similar they are.  One can tell much better by differences in the stem leaves, which I cannot see on your images.  If this was photographed recently in a dry habitat, Erigeron may be the better choice.


Steve Hill, Ph.D. Botanist, SCNPS

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