Elephantopus tomentosus from Vickey in Richland County, South Carolina

Hi Dr. Hill,
I’ve been watching out for this one. I found it with the seed head back in February 2021 (the black and white shot) and kept watching to see what would come of it. This year, I found the large flat oval leaves that hug the ground with the stem about a foot tall with these lovely spiny green spindles. What is it? I keep watching to see if it will bloom but, I’m not so sure that these tops aren’t the blooms.

Thank you!

Hi Vickey,

this is the fuzzy elephant’s-foot, Elephantopus tomentosus, in the composite family Asteraceae. It is rather common throughout the state.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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  1. Vickey says:

    Thank you so very much!

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