Deutzia from Ellie in NC

The white flowering shrub photo was taken today at Pearson Falls in Saluda, NC. Even the guide on duty did not know what it was. I usually am able to identify plants on line or in a book, but these two have me stumped. Thanks so very much for your help.

Ellie S

Ellie, Your plant is a non-native shrub that was either planted or escaped from cultivation.  It is called Deutzia, both the scientific and common name.  I am not positive what species yours is – but it is most likely Deutzia gracilis.  See these links:

It reminds me of a Styrax, but Deutzia has opposite leaves and Styrax leaves are alternate.  Deutzia is a very close relative of Philadelphus [mock orange], but Philadelphus has 4 petals and Deutzia has five.

I hope this helps.
Steve Hill  – South Carolina Native Plant Society [SCNPS]
Dr. Steven R. Hill
University of Illinois
Champaign, Illinois

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