Death ? from Bruce in Seabrook Island, SC

growing in yard, all brown after recent ice storm and wondering what it is and is it dead?


Hi Bruce,

I guess you have me stumped on this one. I’m not even sure from the image if it is a woody shrub or just a big perennial.  The silvery leaves remind me of Elaeagnus, or Autumn olive, but I don’t think that one is likely to die there – it is tough.  Also, if it is a shrub, it easily could be dead – but I have seen similar plants re-sprout from the roots in the spring, so don’t lose hope.  I would just leave it as it is and wait a few months and see what happens.  If it does get new leaves, feel free to send another picture of the living leaves or flowers.

In the meantime, I welcome other opinions on what this is!

–Steve Hill, Ph.D. SCNPS

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