Cyperus distinctus? from DianeP, SC

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Hi, Dr. HIll,
Here is another sedge (I labeled it Sedge #5) growing pond side in full sun in the fall line area. I photographed it on May 21 last year. I’m including one photo of a similar or the same sedge (taken April 30) in the same location, similar (possibly more-mature) seed head spikes like bicycle spokes.
Many thanks,

Hi Diane,

I sent the pictures you sent me with a guess to Paul Marcum, a colleague here in Illinois who knows more about sedges than I do. He  replied “I think that you are correct and it is in subgenus Pycnostachys. I think it might be Cyperus distinctus (Swamp flatsedge) but I have never seen that species.”  My guess was Cyperus acuminatus.

Your pictures are always good, but these are very difficult to identify without the specimen in hand and the use of a microscope for their tiny features. However, I do not want specimens sent to me – I prefer doing what I can with the images.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS


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