A catchfly from Frank, South Carolina

Annie Tribble was ladies backetball coach at Clemson University for a number of years. When she died recently we contributed to the local Hospice organization and in return the gave a souvenir packet of native plant seed. We discarded the card without noting the ID for the plant. The attached pictures are from these seed. The plant is growing on my back patio in Pendleton. I thought the plant might belong to either the genus Saponaria or the genus Dianthus. I am interesting in knowing what you think.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Frank,

this does not look like either Saponaria or Dianthus, but, instead, I think it is Silene armeria – the Sweet William catchfly.  It is often a component of seed packets such as yours, though it is not really native. It is from Europe and generally self-seeds readily.  The plant family is Caryophyllaceae.


Steve Hill  SCNPS Botanist

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