Carya cordiformis from George Dunn

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This hickory is growing on a high bank on black creek in Florence county,S.C.
The tree is dropping fruit early November.
The outer shell is green not dark colored.
The outer shell is easily pealed away from nut and thin.
The small nut is light colored.
The nut is easily cracked and the nut shell thin.
The kernel is meaty and has a mild bitter taste.
This hickory is approximately 70 feet tall. do also.

Hi George,

my best guess on this one is Carya cordiformis, the bitternut hickory. That one has a thin husk and very spherical fruit, but there are a few others that do, too. The habitat and range are right.  It is widespread.  The twig buds are usually yellowish.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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