Amorpha fruticosa from Craig in SC

Mr. Hill,

Any idea? Attached photo of flower spikes taken 4-20-12. The blooms are 3-4 inches long. Growing next to forest service road near small pond margin in association with blooming indian pink. The road is graveled with limestone. Berkeley County, SC. Pine-oak forest transitioning to flood plain forest. Right on the edge of an area logged 2 years ago. Partial sun most of the day. Several of these plants were present, average height 18-24 inches. I went through all of my reference books for SC and SE US, and couldn’t find it. I appreciate any help.

Stumped in South Carolina,
Craig E

Hi Craig,

your plant is Amorpha fruticosa, one of the lead plants.  It is scattered throughout the Carolinas and elsewhere. Here is more information:
I hope this helps!

Steve Hill SCNPS
Dr. Steven R. Hill
University of Illinois
Champaign, IL


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