A Sagittaria from Cary in SC

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Photo taken May 12 in Donnelly WMA in the Ace Basin. This is a Sagittaria growing at the edge of a wet savanna (some open water with Nymphaea oderata, some bald cypress but mostly grasses). Can you tell me which species?

Hi Cary,

I would call this Sagittaria falcata, which is very similar to the generally larger S. lancifolia. In S. falcata, the bracts and sepals are papillose, and they are not in S. lancifolia. However, another possibility is Sagittaria graminea, which is also very similar. Sagittaria graminea also differs by technical characters, including its single median resin duct in the seed.  It is very hard to distinguish these from a picture, I’m afraid. They all flower in May.


Steve Hill, Ph.D. Botanist, SCNPS

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