A May-apple from Craig in SC

This plant is new to me. It grows in patches that might be 300-600 plants covering 300 Sq ft or so. Most of the plants have 3-4 leaves all attaching to the top of one stem…..forming an umbrella that is about 12″ high. Each plant grew only one white flower with yellow center, under the umbrella. All patches were near s stream, in dense hardwoods, but 5 or more feet above stream level on a slight hill.

Hi Craig,

this is the May-apple, a nice native wildflower.  Podophyllum peltatum. The ripe fruit is said to be edible, but the other parts of the plant are said to be toxic.  It is a spreader in a moist shaded wildflower garden.  It usually produces only a few fruits in a colony.



Steve Hill, Botanist   SCNPS


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