A magnolia from Emory in SC

The tree is in Laurens County. It looks very similar to a saucer magnolia (Magnolia ×soulangiana), but I do not think that is what it is. The leaves and buds look a little different that a saucer magnolia. It is growing in the open sun in a yard. The photos were taken in late September.


Hi Emory,

I’m afraid I am not an expert on cultivated magnolias by any means – there are many hybrids as well as species I do not know.  However, this leaf does look like a typical saucer magnolia to me. It does not appear to be another commonly cultivated species, the star magnolia (Magnolia stellata).   See:  http://www.bbmb.iastate.edu/campustrees/MagnoliaSoulan/MagSoul_leaves.html


Steve Hill  SCNPS

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