A grass from Oliver Kody, Fort Mill, SC

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I have an large hilly area which needs some “native” seed to prevent erosion. My goal is use a native grass species that grows well in the area and does not require ongoing irrigation, fertilizer or mowing. I found what I believe is a native plant that could be an ideal candidate the area being replanted is contiguous to this.

Can you help identify this native grass? Can you provide guidance on replanting?

Hi Oliver,

I cannot be certain which grass this is. From this photo it could be an Eragrostis or a Muhlenbergia, either of which would be a good native grass in your area. It could also be an equally good  Sporobolus.  I need to see close-ups of the seed heads for a better guess. If you are transplanting it, plant it when it is cool and wet, but I’m not sure what other guidance I could give you. Most grasses are grown from seed which would be collected when the tops are dry and full of seeds.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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