A Dichanthelium from Virginia in SC

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Grass growing in our suburban Charleston backyard; this clump is next to a rain barrel. I wondered if it might be Dichanthelium clandestinum? If there isn’t enough detail, I can try to get a better photo if I know what to look for.

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Hi Virginia,

it does look a lot like D. clandestinum. I hesitate because D. clandestinum is usually found in the upstate. Other possibilities are D. scoparium and D. commutatum. If the leaf nodes are very hairy, I would probably call it D. scoparium. If glabrous or almost glabrous I would suspect one of the other two. These really need a close-up inspection mostly with magnification to be sure so I cannot give you a definitive answer. One of the Carolina flora keys would be better to use.

I apologize for the delay in my reply. I had software issues that only now have been fixed. Thank you for your patience.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS


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