Virginia Meador

Upstate Chapter President and Board Director

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Virginia serves as President of the Upstate Chapter and Board Director. She also serves on the SCNPS State Board of Directors.

Virginia’s Backstory:

was born in Commerce, Georgia and grew up on a farm where her parents, as amateur naturalist, regularly taught her about the flora and fauna of their 200 acre farm. Some of her favorite childhood memories are regularly observing a Summer Tanager’s nest below her bedroom window, hunting quartz crystals, and being shown the August Perseid Meteor shower.

Virginia is a graduate of Erskine College with a degree in education and a minor in social studies. Her graduate work was in Special Education. She was the Science Department chair for twenty six years at Camperdown Academy, an elementary preparatory school for dyslexic students, and she was the author of their hands-on science curriculum. Her enjoyment has been finding a way to make her hobbies her lifelong work.

Her teaching career lasted forty-two years and continues in volunteer activities such as her work at Pearson’s Falls and Glen, a Blue Ridge Heritage Area, as docent leader and her presidency of the Upstate South Carolina Native Plant Society. She has also worked as a naturalist at the Charlotte Amateur Astronomers Conventions and Discovery Place Museum Naturalist Conventions.