Susan Lochridge

Upstate Board Secretary & Native Nursery Steering Committee

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Susan serves as Board Secretary for the Upstate Chapter.

Susan’s Backstory:

She grew up enjoying nature in Pennsylvania state parks where she lived, and after moving to South Carolina in 1974, she continued to explore the outdoors, and in fact, walks 3 miles EVERY DAY!

Susan joined SCNPS in 2003 and with more energy than experience, quickly became part of the legacy team that quite literally built the Upstate Native Nursery ‘from the ground up’ into the important community project it is today.  Soon thereafter, Susan volunteered to become our first Native Plant Sales Chairperson and continued in this capacity through Spring 2010.  Susan remains an active member of the Upstate Native Nursery Steering Committee providing invaluable institutional knowledge and experience to the nursery program.  She also volunteers her time each month on the Greenhouse Gang  assisting with the propagation of hundreds of plants annually.

Susan is also a gardener and manages her own ‘Living Landscape’ producing dozens of bonus native plants for us each year from ‘digs’ in her yard to be included in the Native Nursery inventory to share with the community in which she lives.