Lauren Muller

Upstate Board of Directors, Membership Chair

Upstate Native Nursery Advisory Group

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Lauren is currently a member of the Upstate Chapter Board and serves as the Upstate Membership Chair and enjoys bringing new members onboard, and enabling their participation with volunteer opportunities.  She also assists with the Upstate Native Nursery and Public Relations work.

Lauren’s Backstory:

Lauren was introduced to the world of native plants by her father when she was young. Nibbling on Sweet Birch and counting how many pine needles were in a fascicle were all part of the daily routine. It wasn’t until her early 20’s when she realized that this interest in all things plant-related could translate into a career. She then earned her bachelor’s and master’s degree in horticulture at the University of Georgia while also working at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia’s Center for Native Plant Studies. During this time, she made invaluable connections in the field of plant conservation while also gaining real-world experience in the areas of habitat restoration, exotic plant management, native plant propagation and the ethics of rare species reintroductions. Lauren now serves as the Lands Stewardship Associate at Upstate Forever and enjoys find ways to tie in her passion for habitat restoration into her daily work.