Judy Seeley

Upstate Board of Directors, Membership Chair

Upstate Native Nursery Advisory Group

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Judy is currently a member of the Upstate Chapter Board and serves as the Upstate Membership Chair and enjoys bringing new members into active participation with the Upstate chapter.  She is the recent Publicity Chair and serves as an advisor to the current Publicity Committee.

Judy’s Backstory:

Judy Seeley was introduced to native plants in Pennsylvania when she was recruited to help remove exotic invasive plants, the nemesis of native plants.  After moving to South Carolina in 2010, Judy joined the SC Native Plant Society and discovered that growing and nurturing native plants is much more satisfying than only removing invasive species.    She’s enjoyed many field trips over the years and has served in a variety of capacities over the years including most notably the, Greenhouse Gang Coordinator, Upstate Native Nursery Sales Coordinator,  Field Trips Coordinator and Public Relations Chair. “