Doug Lockard

Native Nursery Secretary, Upstate Media Outreach Chair, Upstate Board Member

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Currently Doug is concentrating on expanding the Upstate media outreach as a resource hub for native plant information.  The goal is to broaden the  digital accessability for the Upstate community.   He  serves as Secretary for the Upstate Native Nursery and provides ‘Living Landscape’ content for the ‘Upstate Happenings’ newsletter each month.

Doug’s Backstory:

During a successful career in the international design and construction industry, Doug gravitated towards assignments whose projects had a defined commitment to sustainability.  In 2001 Doug made Greenville home, although he continued his world travels, combining his avocation as a freelance photographer with his professional career.  His assignments enabled him to live and work in more than 50 countries.

in 2008 Doug was invited to join the MASDAR project team in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to design and build the world’s first zero-carbon, fully sustainable city.  The initial phase of the project included the opening of the MASDAR Institute of Sustainable Technology (MIST), a university launched under the guidance of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  There he experienced first hand the challenges applying cutting-edge technology in renewable energy, sustainable urban development, and zero-carbon construction practices to urban development,  Following MASDAR, he continued with subsequent projects in London, Brazil, Chile and Peru where sustainability remained a priority goal.

An accomplished photographer, Doug selected Greenville as home largely because of the emerging art community.  He has participated in Artisphere, many of the annual MAC Open Studios as well as numerous gallery exhibitions.  He and his wife Patty, an artist in her own right, live and work in their downtown studio/gallery/home.

Doug is presently converting his own property into a ‘Living Landscape’ as part of a neighborhood wildlife corridor initiative.